As soon as we get a inquiry from you  we start the process of getting to know you. Every email we s​end you will be personalized and written just for you to insure your experience is every thing you dream of and perfect for you!

Just because you send us an inquiry does not mean your booked. 

The first email you get from us will be a quote and information about any and all fine print dets you might need to know about and a much more detailed questionnaire for you to fill out! DON'T worry if you don't have all the answers that's just to get the ball rolling.

Once we get that back we will send you an invoice for deposit and a contract. Your date isn't booked until we get those back!!! So make sure if your ready to book your date even if your not sure on the final final details you get that back to us, because there is a limited amount of team members and if any person gets that back first, they get the day.

Going into the 2022 season we will try our best to book as many weddings and events as we can in a day but limit it based on our team availability most of us limit it to 1 event sometimes 2 a day at maximum. We want you to feel special and NOT rushed so it's very much about your event being important if you get debs on the date.

As we briefly mentioned in the How to book, we do have a $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit requirement for every event (not just weddings). We do also have a contract that is to be signed and returned via email before your date is securely booked. 

The contract must be hand signed (digitally if you know how is approved but we don't provide that service). It must be photographed or scanned / fax/ emailed back to us to be considered completed. The contract will have a revising date per planned into it; you will only need to re-sign if there is any changes. On the revise date someone from our team will reach out to you ( most cases it is 2 days for any non-wedding booking, or 30 days before weddings) to confirm headcount, time, location.

You can search us on Instagram, Zola, Google, Yelp, Thumbtack, StyleSeat, TikTok, and Pinterest if your looking for more information or past bride reviews.

Search  @ Hair and Makeup Artistry

If you are a past bride looking for somewhere to leave a review - Please head over to our Google " Hair and Makeup Artistry " those reviews help us the most! 

All stylists have been vetted and have the following Colorado State required things to work:

- Must have a current Colorado cosmetology, barbering, or esthetics license.

- Must carry their own liability insurance.

- All are independent contractors, there is no employees.

If there is a student assistant with an artist they know the legal limits in services they can perform. The stylist in charge is the one that will guide them and direct them. We can not legally add on clients for them to perform services on.

We strive ourselves on being professional, on time, on point and friendly. Stylist will always arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled start time to insure there is no delays for services to begin.

Because there is only a couple of us and we offer personal services that involve product and time and skills we have a couple things that we do have to add, sometimes. And it's really to help you in EVERY way possible have the most perfectly planned primp and pamper.

Early Morning - Any time we have to start services before 7am MT there is a $50.00 charge per stylist that will need to be onsite.

Additional Stylist(s) - We aren't going to lie here! We prefer small intimate bookings, but we know some have a lot of people involved. So, we can be as flexible as you need and offer up to 6 stylists for any event. You get 2 stylists for MOST bookings. But sometimes; for large weddings, large holiday parties, large family shoots, production or marathon shoot bookings we need extra hands. You can book additional stylists if we have a ton of services or you have a VERY short timeline. Each addition stylist fee is $65.00 per artist. 

***We don't charge anything for any student assistant, with that if you see an "Junior Assistant" on your timeline please again don't assume that person is there to take services they are there to learn and help us with stylist things not clients those as just little special added bonuses to some events.